Is safe? Watch shows on

A few years ago, the K-pop trend took the world by storm. The world is becoming more inclusive and open to other cultures. Asian dramas i.e Korean, Chinese are currently very popular across the globe. What makes them so different? Maybe it is their refreshing plots, the acting, or even just the language. 

To say a country is a melting pot of cultures is an understatement. The world as a whole is becoming more culturally sound. People are open to listening to international music, watching international shows. And learning a new language is on an all-time high. 

Watching Asian drams, however, is not that easy. Netflix streams a few dramas but lacks the classics. So where do you watch the latest Chinese drama or the new Korean Drama? This is where comes to your rescue!

Is safe? Watch shows on

What is

According to Alexa, ranks 3,618,380 in the world in terms of global engagement. has around 7000 daily page views. It streams Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese dramas of 2020 with subtitles in Chinese.

You can also download movies from The website’s ratings have significantly dropped over the past few weeks. The website score is ranked 22 at The website is coded in Mandarin. Everything is only visible in traditional Chinese for ease of access. It is especially useful for the local audience. 

But for easy navigation, google translate via chrome is available. You can translate into the language of your choice. Be it English, or Japanese. uses popular hashtags to be ranked. 

Keep in mind, that is not a legal website. The content though free is illegal to stream. does not abide by copyright laws. Especially when it comes to shows that are exclusive only to streaming services. We strongly discourage you from streaming content on websites that are not legal. 

In case is blocked by your service provider, here are a few alternatives:


How do you watch shows on does not require users to make an account. At the top of the page, there is a menu. It consists of Home, Lu Opera, and the dramas assorted by the country. 

Is safe? Watch shows on

The home page redirects you to the recently updated dramas. There are no filters available on the home page. 

The Lu Opera page oddly redirects you to the home page as well. Lu opera alias, Luju opera, daoqixi is a variety of Chinese Opera. Lu Opera is native to the eastern and central provinces of China. On you cannot watch Lu Opera. This trend however is slowly disappearing. 

Taiwanese Drama on

On when you click on the Taiwanese drama tab, you are redirected to 12 of the latest Taiwanese dramas. There isn’t any major collection of Taiwanese dramas on has only the latest Taiwanese dramas that are periodically updated. Once you click on a drama, redirects you to a little IMDb page of its own.

Is safe? Watch shows on

Here, on you can see information about the director of the show, the writer, and the number of episodes. also specifies the date and time of the upcoming episodes.

Such as in the screenshot below. Episodes of “Why my mother in law is so cute” will be updated at 23:00 hours every Saturday.Is safe? Watch shows on also has a mini description of the show at the end of the page. It is in addition to information about the cast and crew. The premiere date of the show is also mentioned on The native translation can often differ. The show’s alternative names are also specified on

Korean Dramas on

Coming to the next option of Korean drams on Let me break it down for you. Firstly, there are more than 12 Korean dramas on has most of the latest 2020 releases of the Korean dramas. also has the latest Netflix exclusive Korean dramas. Such as Hospital Playlist, and King the Eternal Monarch. has around 9 different server options, in case the first one does not work. The video player also allows you to take a screenshot of the show.

Japanese Dramas on has a wide array of the latest Japanese dramas. Most of the dramas on date back to January 2020. It showcases only the latest Japanese dramas. Exactly as the Taiwanese shows have descriptions. Along with information about the cast and crew. follows the same protocol for all the dramas. But it does not specify the date and time of the latest episodes.

Variety shows on

Reality shows are often termed as variety shows on Once you the variety tab on you are redirected to a list of various dramas. The shows are mixed in all the languages. And there is no filtering option available. Yet, there is a good selection of variety dramas available. 

What makes different?

Qdrama seems to be catered specifically to the people of China. All the shows have subtitles in traditional Chinese. There are no options available to change the subtitle language. also has no movies on its website.

Also, once you open and you click on a show. The URL automatically changes. As to why this happens, it is unknown. However, you can still view the same site’s contents. However, viewing content on is not advised. 

It is illegal to watch shows on websites like this. And websites such as often get banned by the government. Which is why there are several alternative websites. In terms of security, using adblockers and installing an antivirus is often advised.Else, you can also use a VPN to access the website.

According to Chinawhisper, PureVpn has the best speed. You can also read their article on how to access Chinese dramas. 

Alternatives to to watch Chinese dramas are:

  • Baidu tv

The purpose of the article to explain the contents of Fellaboy does not promote viewing of illegal content. Fella Boy abides by the copyright clauses of the nation. 

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