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Is still active?

Are you a comic lover? Do you enjoy reading comics? Be it manga or batman? But where do you read comics for free- we know! At Pecinta Pecinta komik translates to Comic lovers in English. Simple yet very wholesome.

In the 21st century, a lot of international shows are based on comics.

For example, the Cheese in the trap Manwha inspired the Korean drama with the same name. Manwha refers to Korean comics, while manga is Japanese comics. It can get confusing at times!

Reading comics in different languages can be an eye-opening experience. The experience can aid in learning a new language but in a fun and easy way! Or it could simply expose you to a different culture.

Pecinta Komik is a website, dedicated to comic lovers of Indonesia and the globe. 

Is still active?

Is still active?

Unfortunately, when you try to access, you are redirected. It redirects you to another website. This website is for an HR consultancy firm in Indonesia. has sold its domain and now redirects to new one. 

However, for comic lovers, the website has another domain!

Yes, you heard that right. is out there! Turns out, when you use an ad blocker and try to access, you cannot. But when you do the same in incognito mode, you can access the website! Simply search for

Let’s run through, shall we?

Right off the bat, the website does not seem very user friendly. It seems fishy, to be honest. Almost as though, should not be accessed. There is no search option on the website. Nor is there any filtering options available. 

As you can see, the first option in Indonesia. Pecinta komik is a website specifically for the people of Indonesia. When I click on the option on pecinta, I am redirected to the page in the image below.

Shokugeki No Souma is a Japanese comic. It started in 2012 and was concluded in 2019. The anime is about food wars. does not have any description for the manga. Nor is there any information regarding the number of episodes. 

When I click on the food wars manga on it redirects me to another homepage. This time, with a link to a chicken recipe. No, I am not kidding. But, these ads constantly keep changing.

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Pecintakomik redirects me to a Norton support website. The chicken recipe also has a list of ingredients and the method all penned down. There are also images for reference. So if you need a good chicken recipe, head over to! You are very welcome.

Let’s move on to the second option- Hp on I still do not see any comic on the comic lover’s website! But it does redirect me to buy HP products if I am interested. Be a little vigilant while browsing 

HargaHp on also redirects me to several links that sell HP products. But I did not click on them, because of safety people, safety! The other options on also have HP in them. We shall just assume it is to purchase HP products.

Indonesian cupid on the website is a very intriguing option. Turns out, if Cupid hasn’t aimed at you with his arrow yet, you still have a chance! This option on pecinta redirects you to several dating apps and websites. Specifically for those in Indonesia. But hey, it is a pandemic, go global.


Maybe this is where the comics are hidden?

Once clicked, there are links to 2 different comics. And another link to sign up on Facebook. The first komik is My cotton candy. The other one is the drinking man’s comic.

Pecintakomik however, has separate links for each comic. One for a website titled And another for a website called But this is not clickbait. The sites redirect to the comic. But they are all advertisements. 

The kissmanga tab leads to a shortlist of famous mangas. Such as Bleach for example. But, it does not link to the actual comic. Whereas is a very popular website to read comics. The website has a user-friendly interface. The mangas can be accessed by genres. 

Reading comics online is legal depending on what website you use. For example, when it comes to webtoons, the application is free. It is legal. As the comics uploaded on the platform are by the artists themselves. 

For comic lovers out there, has officially shut shop. However, your love for comics should not come to a standstill. There are still other applications and websites out there to access comics for free!

Alternatives to

  1. Webtoon online
  2. Managindo
  3. Manga fur
  4. Managzone
  5. Comica 

Mangas can also be downloaded. To always come back to it later. Especially when your internet provider decides to take a day off! HDoujin downloader can be used to download mangas comics. 

It also supported However, reproducing or not giving credit to the author of the comic can lead to legal issues. Go through the copyright laws of your state. This will save you from several legal entanglements. 

PecintaKomik today:

Unfortunately, said goodbye early this year in April. 2020 does not seem to be going well for anybody. On the Facebook page, the admins posted the following message. 

Is still active?

It translates to the following text:

Friends all,

Comic Lovers say goodbye, sorry if all this time the Comics Lovers team is wrong huh. thanks.

Kind regards,

FellaBoy does not promote infringement of copyright clauses. FellaBoy abides by the laws put forth by the government. The article aimed to research and find out more about We hope that we have shed light on the disappearance of

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