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Katmovies | Download English and Hindi Movies for Free

Katmovies has been around for as long as I can remember!

It used to be a go-to website to download movies for free! Well, think of a movie theatre with unlimited seats, lots of popcorn and all of it is free? That is katmovies for you.

Katmovies | Download English and Hindi Movies for Free

Katmovies has several old films but lacks the latest releases. Katmovies is not a legal film website. The content uploaded is illegal. The site itself infringes on several copyright laws.

Katmovies is popular because it allows easy downloads of movies. The quality of the film is not compromised. But the website has several redirections, so beware.

Are you unable to find a movie?

Have you exhausted the web in search of one movie? But were still unable to find it? Head on to Katmovies to request the movie you want! If the film is not already present on the website, you can easily raise a request.

Within a few days, the film will be up on katmovies.

Want to watch WWE but miss the Triple H? Katmovies has WWE’s Wrestlemania ranging back to 2016! You can head over to to watch WWE right now for free. But, the content you are streaming is illegal.

The simple act of watching or downloading pirated content is punishable by law. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 2020 is the decade of subscription services! Yes, Amazon Prime and Netflix are here to stay.

Katmovies also has some of the latest 2020 WWE matches for its users! Not only that. Do you prefer to watch films in Hindi? Katmovies has a dubbed alternative as well!

You can filter Hollywood movies on katmovies. The genres on katmovies range from action to history! The website also has an array of international films.

They are all free to stream.

Katmovies | Download English and Hindi Movies for Free

Unable to access Katmovies?

In light of the users being unable to access the website, katmovies has a solution. Yes, there is an easy way out. The website has a list of things you can do to access the site!

On the top, it suggests you download a VPN names Psiphon. According to katmovies the extension Psiphon is trustworthy, simple, and fast. The website to download the VPN is also hyperlinked at

Secondly, katmovies advises using Opera as the default browser. The opera browser has an inbuilt VPN, ad blocker, and a battery saver too. The steps to enable the VPN in the opera browser are also broken down on the site.

Lastly, if none of the above options work or interest you, there is a solution. But, this does not make your browsing activity ethical or legal in any way. Katmovies has also provided a mirror site if you are unable to access the main site!

Is Katmovies safe?

This is debatable. Katmovies does not host files on its servers. Almost all of it is hosted via third-party websites. Simply put, you will be redirected every time you want to watch a film or a show on katmovies.

Katmovies also has dubbed movies. Hindi movies can also be viewed. is another domain to access blue ray films. Films that are reduced to 300mb and easy to download can also be accessed.

Katmovieshd claims to be abiding by copyright laws. Just as how google indexes your searches, katmovies indexes the shows and films. It simply redirects you to where the content is posted.

How mobile-friendly is Katmovies?

Katmovies.hd also has a mobile application. As most of us prefer using our phones, katmovies has complied. Katmovies has an official android app. The standout feature of the app includes no pop-up ads. At least that is what they claim.

The website also has a link to redirect you to the play store. Katmovies also has a Telegram chat option. The purpose of this group is to get your updates instantly about the latest films.

Want to Download movies from Katmovies?

There is a step by step tutorial to help you download films from katmovies. They have a video to help you out. Katmovies has two options. One to download via direct links. And the other is to download via Torrent.

Though katmovies is outsourcing the content. Doing so does not make it legal. Had it been redirecting users to services such as Netflix, or amazon, it would be different.

But instead, while downloading a film, you are redirected to several different websites. But your online presence is at stake. Katmovies also has google drive links. It redirects you to google drive. If you are not logged in to your Gmail account, you are redirected to log in and then access the links uploaded.

Katmovieshd may be free but not free of viruses! The website has several ads. Some of them are not PG13. As the website streams pirated content, you may not always get what you downloaded.

What I mean to say is, you could have downloaded the latest Avengers movie. But once you open it, all that is playing is Doraemon. See what I mean? Developers have a morbid sense of humor.

Users have reported seeing no video after downloading a movie. Your screen will be blank, but the audio will go on in the background. Many times, Katmovies has links to leaked films even before their release. And this is illegal. By streaming pirated content before its official release, adversely affects the entertainment industry.

Here is a list of different katmovie links, to access. Remember, this is illegal and against the law.

  4. Katmoviehd.123

Katmovies is not accessible in India. Yet, it continues to grow in popularity. Katmovies has alternative sites. The website has several regional Indian films. Browsing the website and viewing content is unlawful.

Though the content is free, authorized websites provide hassle-free alternatives. Check out services such as Hotstar and more!

FellaBoy opposes piracy. The above article intends to shed light on the illegal website. FellaBoy does not encourage downloads from any of the sites mentioned. We strive hard to make you aware of piracy and websites alike. FellaBoy requests you not to engage in pirated content of any type.

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