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Is blocked? Entertainment website

Cucirca started in 2006. It is an entertainment website where one can watch all the latest movies and shows.

It offers classic shows such as Glee to the global disappointment, Game of Thrones. One can also browse news on cucirca. Back in the day, was the go-to website for all your entertainment needs. was easy to navigate and free of cost!

Though the web page is scattered has free TV shows and films. Cucirca is not a legal website, as it streams pirated content. And, this is against copyright laws, and we advise against it.

Cucirca also streams anime’s and cartoons.

Think of it as a virtual television. The only difference is, you do not have to pay a penny. It is as free as oxygen is to man. All you need is an internet connection and your phone or laptop. 

Cucirca boasts of being able to accommodate a multilingual audience. One can find international shows. Filters are available to view a film from any country. It also has various language options. Various audio options are available in The list ranges from Spanish to English. Cucirca has several different servers to view films. 

The best one is open load. It loads fast and is hassle-free. The server also has a variety of episodes, subtitles- you name it. 

Is blocked? Domain Stats

It is free. But at what cost? 

There is a big catch to all these freebies. If you have an ad blocker on, cucirca will not stream the content. There will be a popup asking you to disable your ad blocker. You have to disable your ad blocker to enjoy the film.

Ads are sometimes the only source of income for free movie websites such as

However, countries are trying to bring about strict copyright laws. Cucirca has had to change addresses many times. So much so, that the website officially shut down in 2018. The main domain is The site is unavailable in several countries. It is unethical to be browsing illegal content that has taken a lot of blood and sweat to be produced. 

 But people still try to access the website using proxy servers. However, not every attempt has been successful. And this is why people have moved on from cucirca to alternative sites. 

Cucirca also has a twitter account. But the last tweet dates back to 2018. The foremost reason cucirca and websites alike thrive is their free content. It stands apart as other services offer free trials. But, ask for your credit card information. 

Cucirca comes with no strings attached. You do not need to make an account to log in. And you are not asked for any payment. 

In global entertainment, engagement cucirca ranks 218,147 as per Alexa’s analysis. Compared to the past, the monthly engagement on cucirca has significantly dropped. 

In the USA alone, the website is at 51,746. On average, users visit at least two pages on has around 800 visitors daily. Romania is where the site was present. The estimated worth of is about 3,500 USD according to reports by Hupso.

Cucirca is a website that allows you to watch your favorite shows. It also gives room for users to discuss their favorite episodes. 

Originally, was a European site. The platform streams famous and the latest content. The website is popular because it is free of cost. does not host any content on its server. The content is streamed via third-party platforms. This third party platform is how it avoids legal implications regarding pirated content. 

What to do if is blocked in your country?

Lately, a lot of free websites are blocked by internet service providers. The government is bringing about new laws. If cucirca is unavailable in your country, you can use a VPN to access the site. However, we strongly advise against streaming pirated content.

Most of the big streaming services offer 30 days of the free trial before subscribing. Using these services is less risky and keeps your online presence secure. While streaming on websites like, your privacy is in danger. 

Is blocked? Domain Stats

There are several ways to access Even if it is unavailable in your region, you can find a list of different ways to access below.

But, access them at your own risk. 



Or you can use a list of similar websites to browse free content.

  •  Couch Tuner 
  • Watch Series
  • Go Movies
  • Fmovies.
  •  123movies 

Free VPNs are available in abundance if you still want to use only Please pay heed to the fact that the content is illegal. In simpler terms, it is unethical.

What you are doing is not legal. And we do not condemn it.  

Feeling Nostalgic and miss Cucirca?

You can browse their twitter feed! Their handle is @cucirca. Maybe tweet them and ask them why they are missing in action? If you do get a tweet back, let us know too!

Due to the pandemic, most of us are stuck at home. We understand you need entertainment, but you also want to save money! The best way to satisfy both your cravings? Sign up for free trials on reputed websites.

Save yourself the trouble of falling prey to cybercrimes and malware. Cucirca and other free movie sites are changing domains. To keep the content free of cost but also for them to earn money, the easy way. 

Instead of browsing, support your entertainment industry! You can do this by watching shows and movies on renowned platforms. Such as Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, and what not! The list is never-ending. 


Fellaboy conforms to the copyright laws. It does not promote the use of the websites mentioned above or of its like. Piracy is illegal and is a punishable offense in some countries. Be safe while browsing the web!

We hope this article has helped you.

Comment below and tell us if you were able to access And why do you think people continue to stream free pirated content like this? Happy streaming!

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