{Solved} How to Uninstall Groove Music player from Windows 10?

The groove music player is the default application in windows 10. It’s the revamped version of Xbox music which earlier introduced in Windows 8.

There are very few universal apps in the windows app store and groove music is one of the impressive apps which allow you to purchase music from the store as well. It also offers music streaming through the subscription base. One can easily say that Microsoft did a fantastic job with this updated version of Xbox music.

Still, there are so many people out there who prefer windows media player or VLC player instead of groove. Since groove music player is the default music player in windows 10 many users set Windows media player classic as their default player just to avoid groove.

From the past few months, we received so many requests from our users if it’s possible to uninstall and remove groove music completely from windows 10. If you are more of a fan of WMP or any other player available in the market here’s your solution to uninstall and remove groove music.

Basically, there are two ways we can uninstall groove music from windows:

How to Uninstall groove music from Windows 10:

1. Uninstall groove music from windows 10 using PowerShell

2. Uninstall groove music in windows 10 using CCleaner

So let’s figure out how to do it.

  • Uninstall groove by using PowerShell

Step 1- Close groove player if it’s running. Otherwise, you will get an error while uninstalling it.

Step 2- Type PowerShell in the start menu or search box. Or press Windows key + Q to open the search box. Then press right click on PowerShell and select Run as Administrator.

uninstall groove music player windows 10

Click yes after that.

Step 3- Type the following commands in PowerShell and press enter button.

uninstall groove music player windows 10


Step 4- check the list. Scroll down the cursor till you find Zune music (Yes! Zune not groove) and copy the PackageFullName Of ZuneMusic by selecting the text or by using Ctrl+C.

uninstall groove music player windows 10

Finally, type the following command to remove groove music from your windows 10 completely.

Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName

In above command replace package name with PackageFullName of groove music. Press enter to complete the task.

uninstall groove music player windows 10

And you’re done.

2. Uninstall groove music in windows 10 by using CCleaner

This is the easiest way to uninstall groove music. When it comes to cleaning your PC, “CCleaner” is the boon for the users.

Step1- Download the CCleaner from Google Chrome or Firefox or any other browser you are using and install it as per the instructions. Make sure you are downloading 5.11 or above versions of CCleaner as the older versions won’t help you to remove the groove music.

Step 2- Launch CCleaner

Step3- Click on tools and then click on uninstall. It will take some time to show all the installed applications on your computer.

uninstall groove music player windows 10

Step4- Once all the apps displayed, find the groove music app and right click on it and select Uninstall.

uninstall groove music player windows 10

Step 5- Click OK to continue the Uninstall.

And you are free from groove music. Cherish the moment by playing some songs on windows media player now.

You can also download VLC Media Player as an alternative.

So this is how you uninstall groove music. If you have any queries, do let us know via comments below.

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