{SOLVED} Fix “Cortana not Working” error in Windows 10

Cortana was developed by Microsoft in April 2014. Cortana is a virtual digital assistant for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Surface headphone and the most popular gadget Amazon Alexa.

But some users have reported about Cortana not working in windows 10 sometimes.

Fix Cortana not Working in Windows 10

As a virtual assistant, she can follow various commands and respond to them accordingly. She can set various reminders, answer various questions by searching for information from the internet, and she can also successfully recognize natural voice commands.

Cortana is available in the various different languages and respective software depending upon the regions she is used to. Cortana is used in many other products that are presently being manufactured by Microsoft.

How Cortana perform her functions?

The primary aim of developing Cortana was to have an online assistant for various day to day uses. She is fully capable to respond to the natural voice commands.

If she has internet connectivity then she is able to answer all the questions by searching them on the internet through the Bing search engine. Cortana is able to set reminders and recognize various commands through voice without the need for the keyboard.

Cortana also has a good music recognition system. Microsoft integrated many services like Foursquare and LIFX with Cortana. Cortana is available in different languages according to the region in which it is being sold. Cortana was also integrated into the cars for making it possible for car drivers to surf the internet through the drive.

How to fix Cortana not working?

As mentioned above Cortana is a virtual digital assistant of Microsoft.  When she is working properly, she gives a pleasurable online experience. But sometimes out of no reason, she stops working. For such situations, simply restart the devices and try the following steps.

  1. Sometime Cortana might stop working due to some problems in the microphone. If the microphone is not working then Cortana will not be able to recognize the commands and execute the instructions. Verify the Cortana settings if necessary. Search for Cortana in the taskbar. Open the system setting of Cortana. Check the status of ‘Hey Cortana’. Check the Microphone setting for the Cortana and click ‘Get Started’.
  2. Sometime Cortana might have some issue with language setting for which the device is unable to work properly. Check the system setting properly to see if the installed settings are according to the regional time or language.
  3. Sometimes there can be problems with Microsoft account for which Cortana stops working. This can be resolved by simply logging out and re-logging into the user account.
  4. Check for regular updates released by Microsoft. Most of the time after installing these updates Cortana starts working again. After installing the updates, reboot the system once before using Cortana.
  5. To identify problems in the system, Windows 10 has an inbuilt Start Menu Troubleshooter that has the ability to find and solve any problems with Cortana. Sometimes due to problems in Startup Menu, Cortana is unable to get started. For this one can go to the “Microsoft’s ‘Troubleshoot problems with start menu or Cortana’ page get a Start Menu Troubleshooter file. Download this file and run this file on the system to find and fix the problem related to Start Menu and Cortana.
  6. The user can restart the whole Cortana process if all the previous options are not futile. To restart Cortana user has to open the Task Manager window by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys. Go to the process tab and select Cortana and right-click on it. Choose the End Task option and then restart the system.
  7. Due to some incompatibilities of Cortana with some specific Anti-Virus software programs, Cortana may stop working. Any kind of 3rd party Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus can cause some operational problems with Cortana. Disabling them and instead of using ‘Windows Defender’ can be the best option to let Cortana work again. Users can uninstall the 3rd party Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus from Control panel.
  8. If all the above options don’t work then sometimes Cortana works by using Power Shell. Press Window Key + X and then press A. A command prompt will pop up then type the following line “Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}”. Then press Enter to execute the process. Reboot the system to check if Start Menu and Cortana properly or not.
  9. Try making a new profile in the system for Cortana to work properly. Sometimes it works.
  10. And if all the above options lead to the failure then the user might have to format the whole system to reinstall Windows 10 again on the system.

The above-mentioned tips are some basic working methods to follow if Cortana is not working properly.

Cortana is now used by almost every person in this globe who is using Microsoft products. She makes the life of the general mass much easier and gives the user a pleasant online experience.

If Cortana not working error isn’t solved yet, you can put down your doubts in the comment section.

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