250+ Cool Clash of Clan Names for Clash Royale and COC!

Looking for Clash of Clan Names for your Clans?

Here We have complied the best of clash of clan player names and clan names that will best suit your clans.

Before getting to the names, we will look what clash of clans game is all about:

A brief Note:

With a valuation of almost 5.5 Billion Dollars, Clash of clans is one of the most popular online android mobile game. This game is made from some of the oldest forms of tabletop gaming.

At its core, Clash of Clans is a strategy game, in which a person’s objective is to achieve the most number of trophies.

You can earn these trophies either by successfully attacking other player’s village/base or by defending against other player’s attacks. No person can attack you when you are online in the game.

The more trophies you earn, the higher you can climb up the ranks. You can compete with your friend’s ranks with the leaderboard.

The ultimate aim is to walk your way to the top league- the Champions League. It is a quite a bit time consuming and addictive game.

You need to upgrade your village, develop your own strategy and train your troops for both attacking and defending your base.

The Build Phase:

Clash of Clans is basically divided into two phases- Action and Build. The build phase of the game is all about the setting up your village base in the best way possible. You can build your village with the help of builders, who will use gold coins and pink elixir as their fee. When your base will grow and improve, you will be enabled with the ability to build new tools and new buildings which will help you to defend your village better. You can loot other online player’s villages and store coins and elixir in your storage. Like any game, when you upgrade your village and increase your experience level, the game becomes tougher and tougher. You can unlock new characters and troops in every level of your Town Hall.

good cool clash of clan names for clans

The Defend Phase: 
Defending your base / village is an important part of the build phase. The attacks from other online player does not happen in a real time. You will be getting a notification every time your village gets raided by the enemy.

You can visit the game and watch live the attack on your village, but you cannot do anything. For this, you need to make strong your defense layout so that people fail to attack your base totally. Once your village has been destroyed, it will automatically rebuild itself by clicking the graven on your village, but you would have lost both resources and trophies.

These resources and trophies are taken away by the attacker. The same way you can also attack other player’s bases and earn their coins, elixirs, dark elixirs and trophies.

The Action Phase:

You will be enabled with two option in the Action Phase- Single player and Multiplayer. Choosing a single player attack will direct you to one of the Goblin bases that are made inside the game.

By attacking these goblin bases you won’t loose trophies nor gain any. The single player bases are here to help you attack and learn the game. These Goblins bases becomes significantly difficult for defeating as you move forward, as you would require more gold and elixir in higher level for upgrading your Town Hall, troops and defenses.

Attacking other player’s village is all about deploying the troops in the right places and watch them attack. There are varieties of troops and spells which can be trained and brewed for attacking. All these troops and spells have different attacking abilities and special features.

Some of the abilities are throwing fire balls, electric currents, some can throw arrows, some are suicide bombers and many more. All these abilities and troop compositions are to be taken accordingly and attack strategically.

Your ultimate goal is taking down the opponent’s village and achieving all the three stars. Taking 1 star can give you only a portion of loot, but you wont loose any trophies in such cases. The first star you get is by destroying 50% of the base, the second star is by taking down the Town hall, and lastly the third star is by destroying 100% of the base.

Why Clan Wars Names?

After you rebuild your Clan Castle, you can enter into different clans and avail the benefits of attacking in a war and earning more Loots.

You can create your own clan too by giving your cool clan names.

You can invite your friends to be a part of your clan and attack together with other clans. Creating a clan will make you the leader of the clan.

You can assign your best friend as a co-leader and manage your team. Minimum players required for starting a clan war is 10 players.

List of Cool Player Names and Clan names:

There are many cool Clash of clans’ clan names available. Here is the list of 251 cool clan names that will surely raise your coolness meter in the game.

Cool Clash of Clan Names:

  1. Tears of Gaia
  2. Martial Warlocks
  3. Instinct
  4. Gift of Prometheus
  5. ReaPeR
  6. iEnVy
  7. Embers Rising
  8. Zombie Hordes
  9. UraniumPotato
  10. Written in Blood
  11. Scrymgeour
  12. Blackstock
  13. Kung Fu Phooey
  14. Clan of Coats
  15. Matrix Clan
  16. Legendary
  17. The Immortal 50
  18. Zombie Canibus
  19. Immortals
  20. ClashForCash
  21. Letters of Marque
  22. UprisingRivals
  23. Powerful Peons
  24. Solar
  25. sTaTiiCz
  26. Spalding
  27. CraZe Shields
  28. Swarm
  29. Melville

Cool Clash of Clan Names for Clash Royale:

  1. Team Y.o.l.o
  2. Volume Zero
  3. Grant 01
  4. Ogilvy
  5. Arbiter
  6. Fenton
  7. Twoearth
  8. McKerrell
  9. Montgomery
  10. Gaia Nova
  11. Nevoy
  13. Pantheon
  14. Maxton
  15. Mad Scientists
  16. Cochrane
  17. Moffat
  18. Quantum Performance
  19. The Art of War
  20. Sinclair
  21. Strange
  22. Agnew
  23. Brisbane
  24. Masterton
  25. VaPouRz
  26. Locusts
  27. POWN
  28. BlaSTz
  29. Gray
  30. Newlands
  31. Farmer
  32. Thedarkwim Haig
  33. NaDeZ
  34. Marjoribanks
  35. Weir
  36. MiSTaKeZ
  37. ReC
  38. Forrester
  39. ReCoiiLz
  40. XaGLeZ
  41. RioT
  42. Spongerz
  43. Parabolic Projectiles
  44. Patullo
  45. Kerr
  46. Viking
  47. Vivisection
  48. Russell
  49. Phoenix
  50. Hope Rutherford
  51. Void Clan
  52. Leask
  53. Heart Vs Feather
  54. Axis
  55. Lamont
  56. Beg for Mercy
  57. Myst
  58. Hitmen
  59. Survival Strategy
  60. Power Within Noobs
  61. Cathcart
  62. Bloodline
  63. Clashmebro
  64. Apocalypse
  65. Wallace
  66. Logie
  67. Edmonstone
  68. Dispatch
  69. Masters of death
  71. Inglis
  72. Xenocide
  73. Mercer
  74. Whitefoord
  75. Primeval
  76. story unfolds
  77. Tactical Telepathy
  78. CarNaG3
  79. Glendinning
  80. Shape shifters
  81. Pest
  82. Green Bobin
  83. Redemption
  84. Destroy the Noobs
  85. Knaves
  86. Monteith
  87. Graham
  88. Hannay
  89. Blackadder
  90. Harvest
  91. Epicenter
  92. Lammie
  93. Maggot Militia
  94. Urquhart
  95. Ralston
  96. BlaDe
  97. Armifera Fatum
  98. Bearer of fate
  99. Derezzed
  100. Clan or Clam?
  101. Sons of Ra
  102. Exentric
  103. DreTron
  104. Ritzy Kings
  105. Glas
  106. Ether
  107. Slay and Flay
  108. iLLuZioNz
  109. Death Bloom
  110. Talisman
  111. Sliice
  112. Buchan
  113. RaG3
  114. Echoes of the Lost Age
  115. Dunlop
  116. Untitled Clan
  117. Vultures
  118. Lumsden
  119. Sudden Death
  120. smash and grab
  121. Moncreiffe
  122. Wedderburn
  123. Executor
  124. Rebels
  125. TuRRe7z
  126. Purves
  127. dFuZe
  128. Ripper
  129. Morrison
  130. Blair
  131. Meldrum
  132. Hippocratic Heresy
  133. Y.G. (Stole Your Glory)
  134. Tweedie
  135. Eye for an Eye
  136. CoC Boss
  137. Dalmahoy
  138. Sandilands
  139. Falconer
  140. ShoTz
  141. eRaZe
  142. eeZ
  143. Tat
  144. Trace
  145. Gregor
  146. Ramsay
  147. Green Zone
  148. Diplomacy of the Sword
  149. Hamilton
  150. Crawford
  151. Porterfield
  152. Tennant
  153. Broun
  154. Rait
  155. Aikenhead
  156. Turnbull
  157. CoD Detonate
  158. Sundown Rising
  159. Under_eStimated
  160. Alpha Helix
  161. Buchanan
  162. Darroch
  163. Natural Born Killers
  164. Reddit Troopers
  165. Demolition Demons
  166. Forsake the Fallen
  167. Call of Beauty
  168. Xtreme Tronners
  169. Battlefield Brawlers
  170. Tronners Clan
  171. Squeeling Hog
  172. Death Dealers
  173. Anatomy of Death
  174. Clan or Fam
  175. Salt of the Fields
  176. United Warriors
  177. Doom Hammer
  178. Murder For Hire
  179. Tronners Unlimited
  180. Bitten Bone Bits
  181. Red Onslaught

Funny Clash of Clan Names:

  1. Encircling Inferno
  2. Chemical Death
  3. Super Squad
  4. Heir of Thrones
  5. Stratagems of Sedition
  6. CoC Inspectors
  7. RiseOfAbyss
  8. Blades of Rage
  9. Speed of Light
  10. NoNerdsJustGeeks
  11. CoD Dominate
  12. Marauding Maces
  13. Stewards of Gaia
  14. Delicious Deserts
  15. Meet Your Maker
  16. Death Dose
  17. Seven Scimitars
  18. Micro Bus City
  19. Song of the Blade
  20. Immortal Dynasty
  21. This Is My Clan
  22. Ringing Blades
  23. Earthly Arbiters
  24. Vindicated Villains
  25. United Noobs of Armagetron
  26. Live to Kill
  27. 420 Spartans
  28. Last Stand
  29. Iron Edge
  30. Fallow Fields
  31. Pure Luck
  32. Sins of Salem
  33. Black Plague
  34. Hominid Hegemony
  35. Collateral Damage
  36. Beautiful Diztruktion
  37. Tools of Death
  38. Battlefield Carrion
  39. Bounty Hunters
  40. Death by Distraction
  41. Follow the Fallen

These are some cool clan names which you can keep for your clan. You can create your own clan name and make it famous. There is a leader board in which your clan’s name would show up if your clan has the highest number of trophies.

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The clan’s trophies can improve when you have a total of 50 members of your clan (which is the Highest), including all the members must have high individual trophies.

Did you use any of the clan names here?

Do let us know what is your clan name in Comment section below!

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